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Re: My baby is sick, advice?

smart water is much better than any sugared electrolyte drink. it is plain water with added electrolytes. if you are breasfeeding you should also (if she cannot latch on) pump and give it to her in something.

this is what i did when nathaniel was sick and ebf. took a dropperful of echinacea and hour. I would mix it in with apple juice. to the apple juice I would add some airborne on top of that I would chew 4-5 vitamin c vitamins an hour also. taking such large doses garunteed that enough would be in my milk.

ETA. he had an upper respritory infection that went away in 5 days. I assume it is from that because my oldest had it and it turned into baby bronchiolitus (similiar to RSV) and had it for about 2 months.
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