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Re: How many Medium Diapers to get?

Yikes, I have way too many diapers. Right now I have a load sitting in one of my dryers and I'm just too lazy to take them out and fold them, but I just finished washing a load and will need the dryer for those (so, that's about 32-36 diapers in the washing process) plus I have a few in the dirties and enough for my daughter to wear all day today. lol

But, for minimums, you need 3 night diapers (one to wear, two in the wash). Then for day if you wash every other day, you need 20-24 - enough to change 8+ times a day and still have enough for baby to wear while you're doing wash and for those days when you just need more. Plus, that will allow you to have a few in a diaper bag that are designated for that.
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