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Re: If you're trying to get Little Lambs to email you back....

My first purchase of dipes was Little Lambs and I fell in love with them with the first package. My best friend sent me a "start stash" and it had one LL's and that's what I fell in love with so I bought some from ebay.

As much as I love the diapers (I don't care about the poof), I too have noticed the quality of alot of her products going south. I started buying from her in Juny 2005 but by August, I remember getting some wipes and immediately noticed that I had won print wipes, not the plain wipes. Then I had ordered super boosters and the serging wasn't complete on two of them. Same with some foldable boosters. I then had the incident with the last two dipes I bought that took a LONG time to get here (but I did get refunded the shipping when I asked her about it) but the fleece wasn't good quality fleece... thinned out massively with the first wash! That was the last time I bought something from her.

I, too, hope she figures it out and takes a step back. And I'm sorry so many mama's have to go through such junk for their money. This leaves a bad taste in alot of mama's mouths and I hope it gets resolved soon. It also leaves alot of us mama's that do love the diapers in a pickle because we have so many of her dipes and now lots of people will be gun-shy so when we try to sell them, they won't have a good resale value.

Ya'll will certainly have to keep us posted on the investigative program! I'd like to see how it turns out!
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