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Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??

With my DS I went into labor on my own and planned a natural birth. Of course, my doc was not on call and I got someone who was a pompous a**. I feel he exploited my being in a vulnerable state and pusched my into a section. I changed OB groups (after finding that the local midwives couldn't do a homebirth with a first time VBACer though subsequent would be fine) and am much better armed with information and the guts to speak my mind. Don't be scared by your doc's comments. Be thankful you can't have the pitocin, that stuff is for the birds and I would have refused it the first time if I had realized I could. Read up all you can on VBAC and do your best to maintain open communication with your OB, not with a chip on your shoulder but more in a partnership kind of a way. Bring along copies of the studies that have been mentioned here by others to talk over with him. As for the scary paper, you may not have noticed but the consent you signed to have the section the first time most likely also contained some scary language in it as major abdominal surgery is no small matter. If you don't feel comfortable speaking your mind, you might look for other docs before you get too far along, someone you do feel you can talk to. I'm am glad for you your recovery the first time went well as mine did not at all. If you do end up with another section, know that you did your best to deliver a healthy and wonderful baby into the world. Best of luck to you!
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