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Re: almost 2yrs and not talking? Please help!

my first talked on time, but then stopped. He has autism.
my 2nd talked INSANELY early. She's a freak in the language dept!
my 3rd understood everything, but didnt talk. With a sibling with autism the Drs and relatives were worried. I was acutely AWARE of the delays. But my GUT, which is so much wiser than my head, said he was fine. When he did start he went from a few words to a few thousand phrases in a few short months. He DOES. NOT. SHUT. UP. He chatters incessantly. I love him but some days my ears BLEED for a break.
My 4th is lagging in the language dept. But he has SO many issues that a few little words are "nothing" at this point. Besides- I think he called me "mama" this weekend (he's almost 16 months)

If your nephew can "bring me the XYZ" or "get your shoes" or looks at what you talk about sometimes its probably ok.
Kim, mom of 5
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