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Re: my first few days cding

I'm relatively new too...only been at this for a couple of months, but I will tell you that once you get over the initial learning curve it gets much better fast!

1) prefold pinning- I'm getting the hang of it, but it always seems really really loose around the legs -- is this the norm? Is there a trick I'm missing??

I don't do pins so I can't help a whole lot with that but I will refer you to this site for some different folds that may help you:

I don't have any prefolds that fit my toddler well so when I use them at all, I just lay them in a cover. Polar Bummis are not my favorite covers but they are great for just laying a prefold in. Bummis Super Whisper Wraps are supposed to be good as well. Any good snug fitting cover should work. Proraps are cheap and generally snug fitting...I just haven't had a reason to try it out too often.

You might also check out She converts prefolds into fitted diapers so that they have elastic around the thighs and waist and you can have snaps or velcro if you want. You can also add fleece as a stay-dry liner. The pricing is based on how many you want and what options but they come out cheaper than most fitteds and seem to work well. If you're at all crafty, you may be able to look at them and figure out how to do your own.

2) fit/red marks - I've gotten medium in aobut all things and large in stacinators (sp?) but everything seems small! Her legs are really chunky but from what I've read on websites they seem to be the correct size for her. I just don't know

Sizing is tough...seems to be a lot of trial and error even when they give you measurements and weights. Side snaps are supposed to be good for kids with chunky thighs...they're a little harder for moms to get used to but they make it easy to fasten the thighs looser than the waist. I know this sounds silly but it never even occured to me to do it that way...I thought if I used the third snap on the waist, I should use the third snap on the thighs and I never even thought to adjust them differently so that it fit around the thighs and the waist.

3) reddness - Its really really really hot here! like 90's already (central FL) and her but has seemed red and she has been pulling at her diaps. I'm worried that CD are not really helping issues but hindering them. I mean, I'm happy to be chemical free for her, but I jsut dont' know.

I'm in middle GA so I feel your pain. I will tell you that DJ still wears sposies during the day while I'm working and wears cloth at home. He picks and pulls at the sposies just as much as the cloth...diapers are hot...not much way around that! I haven't noticed much redness when I change him, but I'm totally anal about changing him as soon as he wets and I have been very careful to try and keep him as cool as possible. Whenever possible, we use fitteds with no cover. I crocheted him some wool shorts last week and he's worn them a good bit this weekend but other than that, he wears fleece covers whenever he needs a cover. Fleece isn't as breathable as wool but it's better than plastic (PUL). I also try to let him go naked whenever possible to get some air to his booty. Fleece liners really do have a stay-dry effect...I was a skeptic at first but they really do work. I've also been trying to use fitteds that have a little bit of a soaker sewn in and skipping the doublers during the day. It means more frequent changes but I figure it's got to be cooler to just have a thin diaper whenever possible.

I'm starting to get frusterated. Maybe I had too high of expectations. I'm washing in SG/WS.

I know it can be frustrating in the beginning. I was so close to giving up the first couple of weeks but eventually I got into a groove and it really is better now. I can't imagine going back now. Just try to hang in there and be patient, and the ladies on here are awesome at answering questions and offering advice.

Good luck!
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