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Residue/Rash/Soft Water/Stripping with Calgon etc...

Starting to get really frustrated now, as DS has ongoing rash issues - quite painful looking today to me, although he still looked pretty happy...

I'm wondering if anyone out there also has hard well water, and a water softener, can they answer a few questions?

1) Does the softener still leave some minerals behind that could cause buildup and rash?

2) If so, do you use Calgon added to the wash to help dissolve them out? I read that it helps, but we DO have a softener, so why would I add more softening agents?

With softened well water, what detergent works for you? I've used Tide HE free, Charlie's (I think he got detergent burn), Nature Clean, and regular Tide HE. The tide takes forever to rinse out, the Charlie's seemed to cause "burn" although it worked great for our clothes, and I'm inconclusive about the Nature Clean.

Please help if you can! I'm sure it will pass, but tonight I'm thinking of listing all my beautiful new pocket diapers for sale and switching to disposables!

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