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Re: baking soda & vinegar ?

Originally Posted by masonite
BUT, if you have hard water, you probably don't want to use vinegar, as it can cause more harm than good.
I can tell you from experience that this is NOT good! I knew I had hard water, but didn't know the effects of using vinegar in this situation. Let me just say that I have not ever battled ANY smells with my diapers (other than those expected! lol), but when I started using vinegar in the wash, I started having major ammonia smells eminating from the diaper pail and my nighttime dipes. I had to strip ALL of my diapers and will probably be stripping them every wash until the smell stops.

One way you can tell is if you have REALLY hard water like we do, you will get spots in the shower and on your dishes (if you have a dishwasher, not sure about handwashed). I get water spots on most of my drinking glasses unless I am diligent about loading up on Jet Dry in the dishwasher. As for my is green anyway (whoever thought that was cool or looked nice needs to have their head examined!) so I just clean it and don't worry about the water spots. I am sooooo glad we are moving to a less ugly house, but we will still have hard water unless we decide to install a softener (probably not for awhile). HTH!

Oh, I do use baking soda in the presoak and cold wash though to counter the acidity in the does help!
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