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Re: anyone heard from Micheliala?

I had a little trouble getting in touch with her last week. My emails were getting caught in her spam filter. I would definetely email her, I doubt she has been on the site very much lately. She has not been feeling well lately and there was a delay in shipment of some things. I did hear from her last week and my item was mailed and has come. If you don't hear from her, I would try emailing her from a different email address in case your email got caught in her spam folder. You have 45 days to file with paypal. She is generally very prompt in replying, I have done business with her many times through her website. I only had trouble this once where she wasn't getting my emails and she promptly fixed the problem. My guess is she has not been on diaperswappers lately and has not got your pms.

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