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Re: If you're trying to get Little Lambs to email you back....

Is it possible to call them and see what might be going on? I've been a member of Diaper Pin for a long time and there was a customer service situation a while back that went really sour for them. Her husband got involved and it all got very ugly and unfortunately very public. It was around that time that their reviews went south and they fell off the "favorites" list on Diaper Pin. So I wonder what is really going on... such a personality change is uncommon for *anybody*.

Really, for those of you who have been Cotton Babies customers, wouldn't you think that I'd just about lost my mind if I started sending out emails that were THAT rude?

I just wonder what is really going on here and hope it can be solved for everybody's benefit.

For those who are wondering, Jen used to be a moderator on the Diaper Talk forum, but she is not the "Jennifer" behind Diaper Pin and she doesn't control how things are posted/listed there.

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Cotton Babies
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