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Re: nudity?

My DS is 4 and has honestly been naked around the house pretty much since he started walking (except for wintertime...he'll wear a shirt ). If someone comes over, though, we usually at least put undies on him for discretion's sake. Not everyone wants an eyeful of little boy parts!

I've been tring to get him to wear clothes more often though, because he is on the cusp of PLing (AGAIN, what an up and down rollercoaster that's been!) and I want him to be moer used to using the bathroom with clothes on, but he just likes being naked. I can't say I blame him...I am naked a lot of the time these days too.

I just wish we had a private yard (or hell, even a yard of any kind!) so he could go outside and play naked if he wanted to. He used to do it when he was a baby, but naked baby running around is a lot cuter than naked preschooler running around, KWIM?
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