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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

I don't vax my son, and I stopped taking him to WBVs at 6 months. I went throught 3 pediatricians over 4 WBVs, and it was, to put it simply, disasterous.

The first ped told me my child would die if I didn't vax, the second ped didn't bother to show up in the room (twice!!) and his nurse gave me a prescription for a laxative because my EBF child (at 4 months old) hadn't pooped in 24 hours, and the third tried to forcibly retract my son's foreskin and his nurse let him fall off the table on to his head/neck/shoulder. I stopped trying to find another...I purchased a baby/toddler scale to maintain growth charts, as that was the main purpose for our visits.

When Micah was 12.5 mos old, he got a bad stomach bug that he wasn't shaking, so I took him to an urgent care ped to make sure that it wasn't something other than the flu. The nurse said the latest bug (at the time) was lasting up to 10 days, however, the ped told me that he was just throwing up because he didn't want to eat and that I was starving him. He stopped vomiting on day 9 (no dehydration the entire time)....

I haven't completely sworn off finding a doc, but I am delaying it for now. I weigh my little runt (most affectionately said ) monthly (more when I was monitoring his weight around the stomach bug to make sure that he isn't losing weight) and watch his development, etc. closely. We also see a chiropractor weekly/bi-weekly to maintain health.

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snelson924 -- Not debating, just letting you know why I do not vaccinate

I don't vax because after researching, I decided:
- that I did not like the ingredients used in the vax and do not want them injected into my son's body
- that I want my son to build his immune system naturally
- that I do not want to take the chance that he may develop autism or other neurological/functional disorder or suffer from other possible side effect from the administration of the vaccine
- that if the government has the need to create a vaccine injury fund that I don't want to take the chance on needing to be paid from it
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