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Re: Thrush Support and Questions

In addition to the grape seed extract you can also get some good bacteria in your system with some yogurt or if you dont like the dairy try acidofilous powder. You may also treat your baby with the infant form, I use a BabyLife Bifidobacteria Infantis powder. You must keep refrigerated! I just put a little on my finger and my dd sucks it off. This is great to use if baby is on antibiotics. Another alternative is to treat your nipples. A lactation consultants gave me a recipe for a nipple ointment, which I gave to my OBGYN to fill. The Pharmacy has to mix multiple ingredients, one of which is Nystatin, so make sure your pharmacy has this capability. This ointment is great, it worked for us after trying 2 rounds of Nystatin, Gentian Violet, vinegar, etc.!! Good Luck!
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