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Re: Diaper Stink Remedies

For me, 2 tablespoons of regular bleach in the wash takes care of everything as far as stinkies go. I've never had to strip my diapers due to repelling issues or anything, but I have very hard water so the stinkies come regardless of fabric or detergent. When I can tell the stinkies are coming (the overnight diapers always give it away with the strong ammonia smell) I go ahead and add 2 TBL of bleach and follow the rest of my routine.

ETA my full routine:
1) Firstly, I wash a medium sized load of diapers using the highest water level. Over crowding the washer or even just filling it gives us bad stinkies every time.
2) cold rinse
3) Warm "heavy duty" wash (longest wash setting), using the "medium" line on my detergent cap. I am currently using Arm and Hammer Essentials for Sensitive Skin with good results. This is also where I would add 2 tablespoons of regular bleach, if needed.
4) If no bleach: I run an extra cold rinse.
If using bleach: I run a complete warm short wash to make sure I rinse it all out, and because I notice I tend to get extra bubbles with the bleach. I think it strips them a bit.
5) Toss in the dryer on the delicate cycle for 60 minutes. Anything that is still damp gets hung to finish drying. I often take my pockets out half way through to keep them from overdrying.
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