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Re: cloth diaper newbie,,,HELP!

So sorry about the LL! We use Little Beetles. Leah is wonderful to work with and I love the diapers. We use the Hemp Originals and Hemp Lites. These are fitted diapers and I use wool covers over them. I use Stacinator day/night stretch wool covers and a Stacinator fleece cover. I love them all. The Stacinator wool work wonderfully and are very trim under clothing. They're my favorite for day. The fleece works well too, but is more bulky.

I also use a couple Muttaquin Baby fitteds I bought off of DS. They're made of velour and I really like them too; although I'm finding they probably won't fit too much longer around the waist. I bought a Peewell. It's made out of sherpa and velour. I really like the absorbancy of that diaper, and it's too cute.

Surprisingly, I think my favorites are my prefolds though. I bought some quality Chinese and Indian prefolds and use them with a snappi under wool/fleece. Absolutely love them. They are so fun, and I might even dye a few for variety. I can fold them in different ways and under my wool stretch jersey covers; very trim combination. My pfds get more absorbant with use too.

A couple sites/moms I've bought from with fabulous results are Better for Babies which I gave you. Leah is great! Another is Free shipping in the U.S. and Stephanie is wonderful. Another is Another wonderful resource! I also had fabulous customer service with Jen at

Check out the reviews on diaperpin too to see which diapers and covers are people's faves and why.

HTH! Look out, cding can be soooooo addictive. Also, if you try some dipes and decide they're not for you; they're very resellable!
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