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Please make me feel better(well baby visit related)

Ok, so Ashna went to her well baby check up today and i am back home and upset. Ashna is in the 90th percentile for height(30inches at just over 13months) and pretty low in the percentile for weight(she is 20.8 pounds). So she has lost weight since her last visit at 10months. The dr. pointed out that this was NOT the growth curve that she wanted to see and that we need to keep and eye out. She also pointed out that she sees a lot of breast fed babies do this so it isn't anything to be alarmed about. Ok, well i was ok with that. Not happy, but ok. Then she measures her head, checks heart, ears/eyes, and then measures her head a 2ND time. She comments that she is very low in the percentil for head measurements and that her head hasn't grown as much as it should have. She pointed out that it may be related to the recent growth spurt. We will check it again at 15months and then go from there. Not happy at all about this head measurement being small thing. The dr. said that since Ashna is meeting all milestones and we aren't noticing any delays that we shouldn't get worried yet. We said no to all vaccines with the exception of the flu shot(which is a two part shot/2nd half month later).
I know that this is a book but i am a worried mom. Please someone make me feel better.
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