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Re: My 15 month old won't keep a diaper on

I was just coming to post about this same issue! As I type, dd (19 months old) is sitting bare butt naked on the couch beside me because she just won't keep her diapers on!!

She unsnaps all of her fitteds.
She pulls off all of her covers and shorties.
She even takes off her pinned fitteds!

I just can't keep up with her taking these off, and most of the time she'll take it off and I'll catch her pping in the floor, and sometimes...#2 in one of her siblings rooms

I went and purchased a potty chair and she loves to go the potty, but has yet to actually potty IN the chair.

I thought she was awfully young to be potty training, but when she takes off her dry diaper and proceeds to wet in the floor, I think it must be time. It's been seven years since I potty trained a little one, so I'll be browsing the threads for tips on how to get the job done once again

Oh--and to the OP, Best of luck figuring out how to keep your own lo from running around naked!
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