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diaper pricing question

I have bought way too many Fuzzi Bunz in size small so I am going to sell a few of them. The thing is that I can't remember how much I paid since I bought them from many different mama's on a few different sites. Five of them are the new style fb's and one is an older style with the rounded tabs. None of them have stains and the elastic seems fine. I have never used any of them as my son isn't due for another 5 weeks. They won't come with inserts, so my question is...what is a fair asking price?


ETA~ I also bought 2 dozen UBCPF and 7 small BSWW. I think I want to sell most of them since I plan to use the FB's mostly. I bought them as part of a large lot awhile what is a fair price for them? They do not have any stains and are in EUC.

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