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Re: Please pray/ think of us, Miss Coglette isn't well **UPDATE AT BOTTOM**

Poor Babyface!

Dd had a torticollis as a result of being tight and tense from the pain of (undiagnosed for 13 weeks) severe silent reflux. We've been going to weekly physical therapy at Easter Seals since then, and she's done really well. Still has a bit of an asymmetry that kicks in whenever she's trying something new (sitting, crawling, walking) but it goes away as she gets more skilled at each task.

I don't know what Coglette's p.t. needs will be, of course, but Easter Seals has been AMAZING for us. Everyone there is so kind and knowledgeable, and it's such a positive place to be. Plus, they have lots of specialties there, so they really look at the whole child. So far, our HMO has paid for everything (thank goodness!)

I know how awful it is to watch your baby be in pain and not be able to do anything about it. Soon you'll have more answers about what's going on, and then you can focus on getting her the help she needs, which is FAR better than just trying to make a bad situation more tolerable.

To you and Coglette. PM me if you need to vent.
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