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? for a friend

A good friend of mine just had her baby on Oct 15. The baby was 7lb 6oz at birth and 7lb 15oz at 3 days. My friend has been breastfeeding and early on, she was supplementing more but has lessened the supplementing.

Follow me?

Today she went to the WIC appt and the baby is 7lb 3oz. She's starting to really enjoy breastfeeding (and of course it's the best thing)..she's gotten past a couple of clogged it seems like the nurses at the health dept are trying to bully her into more formula because the baby isn't gaining weight. They're concerned.

I told my friend that the best way to establish a good supply and all that breastfeed breastfeed little (to no) supplementing as possible.

If she seems satisfied and is looking and acting healthy, I dunno.....I know babies grow at different rates....all babies are different...

What else can I tell my friend? What more can I suggest or...what?
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