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Re: ? for a friend

First let me say I am sorry for the link heavy post - but hopefully you'll find something here to help/encourage your friend!!

I find it humorous that the ladies at the health dept are pressuring her to supp.

It is true- nurse nurse nurse is the best way to get the supply going and keep it up. The baby is just about 2 weeks old and generally babes will regain their birth weight by 2 weeks - but some are different indeed.

The best indicator of "health" is the babe is getting enough..


Notes on scales and weights
Scales are all different. We have documented significant differences from one scale to another. Weights have often been written down wrong. A soaked cloth diaper may weigh 250 grams (half a pound) or more, so babies should be weighed naked or with a brand new dry diaper.
Many rules about weight gain are taken from observations of growth of formula feeding babies. They do not necessarily apply to breastfeeding babies. A slow start may be compensated for later, by fixing the breastfeeding. Growth charts are guidelines only.

Link re: weight gain etc...
Kellymom is a great resource as well!!

And another

And again

If she can get in touch with a LLL group or an IBCLC that would be her best bet, I would say!!

good for you for being a helpful and encouraging friend!!

The LLL boards have been very useful to new, and experienced moms alike ~ maybe when you get a chance you or she could check stuff out there as well!!

Find your local LLL or IBCLC
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