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Any mamas in Hillsboro, OR?

DH is looking into a job in Hillsboro, and I was wondering if any of you might have suggestions of affordable and safe areas to live? If we go, we'll be doing an apartment to start out. I've been looking online at reviews of complexes, but I never know how much to believe. I'm pretty sure the job is just east of the airport if that helps at all (We'd like to be close so he can bike to work in good weather). If you want to tell me anything else about the area, I'd be happy to hear it. I've never even been to Oregon, but it sounds like a nice place to live, so I'm getting excited!

I know he doesn't have the job yet, but he's so dang excited I want to do what I can to be supportive, and my job is always looking into this kind of stuff.

Thanks for any info you feel like sharing!
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