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Re: Lilypadz?

I love mine although they are losing their stickiness. My pair is one of the older style w/less sticky stuff, so I'm not real upset about that. I'm getting a new set off eBay right now so I'm hooked. I've never used them at night, but then again we don't co-sleep and I don't wear a bra at night either. Haven't leaked since after my supply regulated at about 2 months PP. What is the infection OP mentioned? I've not heard anything about that. I hated every paper or cloth pad I tried so this was just perfect for me.
When I NIP I just lay them on the table/chair and figure, they're basically clear and most people won't even notice them. But that's what I did w/my paper and cloth ones as well so I guess it's nothing different. I was actually less comfortable leaving the paper ones out than my LilyPadz.
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