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Re: Is your 1, 2 or 3 year old rear facing in the car?

Meisubaby-thank you for clarifying. Sorry for being so offended. My kids are my life! I will check into every seat that was recommended! Thanks!

Dsunny1-I wish I would have known about the whole rear-facing longer thing. My son is 6 and weighs 37 pounds. He is in a no back booster and it crosses his shoulder at the right place. My DD is 4 and is in a high back booster. She is 32 pounds and it says for 30-80 pounds. She's got the kind were the seatbelt kinda stays threaded at the top in if you want to adjust where the belt crosses her shoulder, you move the headrest up or down.
I appreciate the info on possibly needing 2 seats in the long run...I will research the ones you suggested too! I like that some of the seats adjust from the front but if the seat is rearfacing and strapped in, does that block your ability to adjust (like is the strap pressed into the seat back...if that makes sense)? I wish car seats were cheaper-only cuz you know it doesn't cost $300 to make one. More like $50 (at the most) and the rest is profit for them! It just irks me. I will let you know what I end up deciding on! I might make a trip to Baby's r us or Toys r us soon!
one more thing, the first 5 point I tried was the safe embrace. Didn't like it cuz I could pull on the straps with all of my strength and the stupid things wouldn't budge. Can't remember the 2nd 5-point I tried but it was OK. DD was only in it for like 2 months (it's the one the police gave me when they confiscated my alpha omega) and then my DD went to a booster cuz she met the weight limit.
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