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Re: I'm ashamed of myself (re: discipline..long)

I think you are very brave and an AWESOME mom for having the courage to come forward and admit that you want to change! That is way more important than anything you might have done in the past. We all make parenting mistakes, hell, I've made TONS of them and DS isn't even two yet!

I am against spanking in general, but sometimes I just get so mad that I find myself popping DS a good one on his (diapered! never bare!) bottom, or on his hand. Then I feel absolutely terrible for losing my control to the point of inflicting pain without even thinking about it. I feel worse about that than the actual spank!

I am very lucky that DS is turning out to be a mostly obedient little boy. *KNOCKS VIGOROUSLY ON WOOD!!!* When I tell him "no," "don't touch," "stay on the sidewalk please," "give me that," etc., he almost always does exactly what I say, which just blows me away. If he gets crabby about it, I let him throw his little fit for the whole 2.5 seconds that he's upset and then we move on to something else. But I totally understand and agree that there are MAJOR offenses for which a simple "no!" will not suffice!

It's a constant struggle to find appropriate yet effective ways to discipline. I do the smack on the hand and the occasional pop on the rear when he gets into that bratty toddler mode, but it happens SO rarely. Thank goodness. I can't imagine how I would feel if I had a more vivacious toddler who was constantly testing boundaries and such. I think I would have a whole lot more to feel guilty for then!
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