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Re: Is your 1, 2 or 3 year old rear facing in the car?

I am not sure about the wording on your Triumph laura, but it is 30lbs. Some seats gets recalls because their wording is messed up, and that might be the case in yours. They just send you a new sticker. I will have to ask someone about it. If she is under 30lbs you should be fine.

love2bmom, the seats you have for your older two sound fine. Your daughter could still be in a five point harness as she is pretty far from being 40lbs, but if she sits properly and doesn't mess with the seatbelt... then she should be ok. The straps on rearfacing seats are hard to reach depending on the seat you buy, the titan is horrible, the scenara is ok as long as it is reclined enough, the truimph has knobs on the side to adjust the harness, the marathon is fine, and i am not sure about the alpha omega's and eddie bauers.. haven't used one of those in awhile. The safe embrace was discontinued in 2001, so I don't have a lot of experience with it. The newer harness adjusters are very easy to use, and make it nice to be able to tighten each and every time the kid gets into the seat. I didn't like my alpha omega because the straps were so twisty and would get all turned around in the buckle area... it was a Pain to make sure they were flat like they were supposed to be. Cosco has had complaints on them forever but has yet to change the design... Going to babiesrus or toysrus is a great idea. You can get an idea of what seats you like and put your baby in them to see which ones fit her well.... and they let you install them in your car.. Let me know how it goes and good luck!
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