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Why will this kid not sleep!!

My 4 yr old has now decided that he needs to stay up at night and not sleep. What is wrong with him? He won't take a nap during the day and when I put them (my 4yr old and 2 yr old) to bed at night he just stays up. He is getting bags under his eyes and I just feel horrible. He was just at the doctors the other day and got 2 shots (not really sure why a 4 yr old needs shots but thats a different thread) and hasn't really been the same since. Could something in the shots be keeping him awake? His brother wakes him up when he gets up (usually around 6:30) so he's not getting all the sleep he should. Is 10 hours enough for a 4 yr old and if not why does he have bags under his eyes? I need some advice. Thanks mamas
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