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Re: Why will this kid not sleep!!

Originally Posted by sprout18 View Post
My 4 yr old has now decided that he needs to stay up at night and not sleep. What is wrong with him? He won't take a nap during the day and when I put them (my 4yr old and 2 yr old) to bed at night he just stays up. He is getting bags under his eyes and I just feel horrible. He was just at the doctors the other day and got 2 shots (not really sure why a 4 yr old needs shots but thats a different thread) and hasn't really been the same since. Could something in the shots be keeping him awake? His brother wakes him up when he gets up (usually around 6:30) so he's not getting all the sleep he should. Is 10 hours enough for a 4 yr old and if not why does he have bags under his eyes? I need some advice. Thanks mamas
You might want to check out "No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers & Preschoolers". We were able to get it from our library. It was a big help with my daughter around 22 months when we went through some major sleep struggles. Her website is:

As for the shots, that could be part of it. Did this not start until after the shots? My daughter has only had one vaccination (Hib) at 18 mo and her sleep was messed up for a good couple of weeks. Just another reason we don't really vaccinate....

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