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Re: Have your kids eaten non-food items?

DD#1 wasn't too bad to eat things, but on her 1st birthday she ate the packet of silica gel that came in a gift. Called poison control because it said DO NOT EAT on the pack. They said it is completely safe, like eating sand. It just says do not eat because it resembles a salt or pepper packet and they don't want people to get

DD#2....That kid will eat anything and everything. She is a human vaccum. She has pooped glitter, latex paint, paper, wrapper, crayons....hmmm, I am sure there is more. She is finally getting to where when I grab her cheeks to make her do the fishy face so I can dig the snack of the day out of her mouth...she is starting to just spit it out on her own instead of screaming like I am murdering her.
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