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Re: I'm ashamed of myself (re: discipline..long)

Yeah, he's CONSTANTLY moving and getting into stuff and testing boundaries...i mean, constantly. I have a feeling ds2 is going to be worse...and I've also heard age 3 is worse. I appreciate all the really means a lot.

I've done really well with stopping the spanking and reasoning with him. And one thing that I totally appreciate from him is his honesty - and I was afraid that if I continue spanking, he'll be afraid to be honest? May or may not be true..but it sounds good. He is most definitely not an 'obedient' child...but he's not a total terror either (at least, not today). Sometimes he'll do what I ask with little complaint, other times he is BOUND AND DETERMINED to do whatever it is that I don't want him to do. Ped has commented that ds 'hyper-focuses' so that sometimes...what seems like inattention, is actually super-focused attention....just not on what I want him to focus on.

Thanks again to everyone for your support. All the different views and opinions really help you think about how you feel and get you grounded where you want to be (or at least, for me it has).

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