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How did you get through the first part?

Baby #3 is expected fairly soon. I want so badly to have a successful nursing relationship this time (and a long one). The reason I stopped with my last DD was because of PPD. It was pretty bad and while I did get help and felt better eventually, it was too late. I have regretted giving up.

I know what is coming my way this time (or what could be coming) WRT PPD. I am now taking Zoloft (since the PPD with my second DD) so that will probably help with those issues, but I am terrified that I will want to give up again and have that awful helpless feeling. I looked up LLL and there are none in my city (boo hiss).

How can I prepare myself to get through those roller coaster first few weeks? I have never had a successful nursing relationship with either of my first daughters so this is all pretty new to me.

Anyone BTDT? Do I just have to trudge through and look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel? Anyone bottle feed then have a successful BF'ing relationship? How did you deal with the obvious differences such as not having help with feedings, sleeplessness, etc etc. I am trying to prepare as best I can

Thanks ladies!

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