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Re: How did you get through the first part?

I havent been there done that personally.

But what was really great for me that really did help me from not giving up those first few weeks wasa great support system. That happened to be my DH, and some family memebers but it can be anyone. Meet with your local LLL group, the mamas here, friends, family, DH, a SIL or your own sister. Whoever. But, I think that is really important to keep ya going when you think you cant do it!

Also as far as bottlefeeding and then go on to BF. My DD did get formula and BM for about 6 weeks until we really settled into a BFing schedule. And, I nursed her until she was 15 mo old.

As far as sleeping - we co slept mostly when she was that little. It really helped. She was right there when she was hungry I was right there and it worked.

If you need help or a break and need someone else to feed her you can always pump and go that route! Nothing wrong with that at all.

And, good for you for wanting to give it another shot!
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