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Re: How did you get through the first part?

i bottle feed my oldest 2 bc nursing was SO SO hard. i didnt have the support to do it from anyone! and they didnt room with me in the hospital for the first day or so.

with ds i wanted to nurse but i also stocked up on bottles and formula bc i seriously didnt think i was going to last but a few days.

when i was in labor with ds the nurses asked if i was bottle-feeding or BFing. i told them BFing so it was noted and MARKED that he was NO formula, NO water, NO pacifiers. he stayed in the room with me and NEVER taken to the nursey. the hospital LC and nurses were so awesome with showing me what to do and how to do it. they have a great support system in place and are highly rated for being a BF friendly hospital.

what you need to do is start going to LLL meetings, talk to your DH about how important nursing is to you and how much you will need his help with the other kids ESP in the first few weeks. co-sleeping it will be a life saver! i didnt start co-sleeping until he was over month old. i spent the majorty of the night up adn nursing him. when i figured out how to nurse laying down i was a new woman bc i FINALLY felt like i had a good nights sleep.

i've never pumped at all bc that was was my downhill slide with ds #2 and i didnt want to start the cycle again.

whatever ends up happening just know that you are a GREAT mama
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