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Re: How did you get through the first part?

You need support, support, support! You need somebody there helping you out. My hubby was my rock with breastfeeding. I wouldn't have made it without him and my mom. Also, you will need to be in contact with a lactation consultant with a 24 hour contact number.

As for you support and help... Have your helper (hubby or mom or whatever) get you water, make you meals, bring the baby to you to feed, and pamper you while you do your important job. Also, make sure you have somebody or people to talk to when you feel like quitting or need help. is a great site. Check out their forums. There is usually somebody there to help out if you post. LLL is also a great site. I have relied on it many time for answers to my questions.

And I agree, when you master nursing lying down the world changes! lol. It is so wonderful! You enter a world of being able to sleep while baby is nursing! It's great, lol. Things really do get easier. I look back on those first few weeks. I was so nervous. It was so much harder then. My son is almost 5 months old and we are nursing strong! He has never tasted formula in his life!

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