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Re: Is your 1, 2 or 3 year old rear facing in the car?

Dsunny1-Hey! I just talked to my sis. You'll be glad to know that because of your info, she is going to babies R us to get another seat! She had no idea that she could get in trouble or that using the seat like she is was unsafe. I was thinking of using her seat (obviuosly with the shield back on) but realized that if the car seat is rear-facing and I try and lift the shield, it's gonna hit the front seat and I won't be able to put the baby in or take her out. So it looks like we are going to Babies r us together. However, after reading all of the online reviews, I have no clue which seat to get. It looks like it boils down to personal preference and that doesn't help me cuz I could love it in the store but hate it in my car! I'll get back with you when we pick out our new seats!
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