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Re: I'm ashamed of myself (re: discipline..long)

After I posted to the thread originally, I think that evening in fact, I was taking a bath and heard DH getting upset with DS downstairs. All the sudden I heard *SMACK*. Let me tell you, it was the hardest thing I could do to not get out of that tub and go flying down there but I could hear him talking to DS and obviously remoreful over it and my reacting in anger to DH wouldn't make any sense when I don't want him reacting in anger to DS...kwim?

So I finish my bath and go downstairs and I see on ds's forearm these red welts. I asked how that happened and DH said it was probably when he fell...I asked,"could it have been when you hit him?" and he said that yes it could be.
Now I KNOW he is horrified at himself. I know this is how he and his siblings were disciplined as kids and I know he doesn't want to do this. I didn't say anything else until DS went to bed and then we talked and later I printed some things on gentle parenting, etc...I didn't want to bring shame and guilt into this for him becausae they have no fruitful purpose in parenting IMO. He has no experience with kids other than our ds at all. He's learning and he has learned how he doesn't want to do it but that he's human and is flawed simply by that fact.

I just thought it was especially poignant after seeing this topic on here.
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