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Re: Thrush Support and Questions

I really understand your pain b/c I dealt with it for weeks after giving birth via C-section. It seems to be more common with C-section deliveries.
I agree with a previous poster about the compounded nipple cream. Ask your OB about it (I believe it was called Dr. Newman's Nipple Cream) and you have to get it from a pharmacy that compounds (mixes) their own formulas...not all pharmacies can make it.
The nipple cream looks kind of like Crisco shortening and worked great for me and b/c it contains Nystatin which is used to treat infants with thrush, it is safe for baby and for you.
My baby never had visible signs of thrush but we were both treated twice (me with Diflucan and him with Nystatin) and THEN I used the cream for about 7-10 days I think. I also soakedcotton balls in chilled plain white vinegar and applied to my nipples after Bfeeding. I washed my bras and his clothes in hot water for a week or so. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!
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