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Unhappy Very depressed...behavior...

My children don't listen to me.

I'm becoming desperate...
I tell them to clean their rooms or get dressed or stay in bed an dtake a nap..
Its like I am speaking a foreign lang. and I can't stand it anymore.

It feels like they don't respect me. It makes me so sad and high strung.

I was a pretty well behaved kid...but my Dad beat my butt and I lived in fear of him and punishment.

I feel that my business and my addiction to the diapering groups and diaper browsing, is part of the problem. That if I just stop...and give them my 100% constant attention things will get better.

But I worked so hard on my business pattern and you ladies are my FRIENDS. REAL friends!!! Without this "world" I feel like I will lose alot of who I am right now and what I enjoy.

Do I have to sacrifice the "cloth diapering world" to make my kids act how I want them to. Am I being selfish that I don't want to give you all up.

I know without you life would be lonely.
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