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Post partum and post D&C bleeding??

I have a quesiotn for anyone that has had a D&C or second trimester delivery, or 3rd i guess too.

After i had my D&C 2 weeks ago tomorrow, for retained plactena,i just spotted lightly for about 4 days, then it all stopped. Sunday night, i had a bunch of black blood like stuff comeout. This was about 11 days post partuem and post d&C. It wasnt a ton but enough it scared me. Earlier in the day i thought iw as ovulating, since i was have sticky clear mucus and somelight cramping. Well yesterday i went to the doc for a checkup he wanted to do, before i even had the baby. He said that he thought it was like a placental scab. He did think i had a uterine infection since my uterus wsa VERY tender. and he gave me a script for augmentin to take 4 times a day. Ladt night while iw as at the pharmacy, i started to bleed heavy, I mean FILLED the pad, blood dripping down my legs. I chose to leave my meds there and go home siince i was bleeding alot. I got home and passed a fist sized clot of blood. and then the bleeding let up a minute. I was light headed so we went ot hte ER where they just gave me fluids and watched me. MY bleeding slowed down and at 5 am i got home Then after i took my dd to school at 8 it happened again. Not as bad as last night, but alot. I called my doc becuase theon call nurse and the hosptial told me to check in with them first thing. thenurse acted like i was annoying her, but my concenrs are real. I am still bleeding dark dark dark blood. and am very crampy. I called this morning early adn talked to her around 9 am, and now it is almost 130 and i still havent heard back from her. I dont know what to do. She asked me to get sposie pads and i told her no I am allergic to them and i am uncomfortable enough. I know theysay a pad an hour, but that seems off onsidering i hvent bled and i had a D&C.

anyone have ANY experience with this. I do not want another night in the ER. I am sick with a cold and a stomache thing, and i am tired. i just want to stay home or be admited if htat is needed...

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