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Re: Post partum and post D&C bleeding??

GET A BETTER DR that does not sound right that happend to me after i had my first child i almost died bleeding to death had a tranfusion and they said my blood pressure was so low they did not now if i would make you gotta get that checked sounds like the D&c was not done well or something you can't keep bleeding like that I don't want to scare you but that is kinda dangerous if the blood went thru down your leg that is to much in my opinion you OB sounds like mine just can't be bothered i don't like that that is what your job is you choose to take care of women in these situiations so you better set up and do it no wonder so many are getting sued these days ugh i just get so mad it is a male or female ob seems women who have had kids of there own are a little more sympathetic. sorry i am just ranting now i feel so bad that all this is happening to you.
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