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Re: Very depressed...behavior...

It's hard! Like Katie said it's important we all have an outlet. Most of us are SAHMs/WAHMs and life can get a little lonely or boring. I love DS and it's my adult 'conversation' most days. BUT, I also notice if I'm busy on the computer or doing something for the business my DD gets cranky, and whinney. So, it's all about time management. She comes first, I made that commitment when I decided to stay home. So, I've learned that I can only have DS time when she is highly entertained on her own, or she is napping (which she is now).

I also agree if they are fighting they are bored. Maybe tell them, if they can not fight, help each other clean you will go for ice cream, or go to the park for an hour. Not anything extravagent so they think if they clean they will get things but something fun, to motivate them a little. Give them a push in the right direction. Or make a chart for chores and a chart for the week and on Monday, and Fridays the oldest get to pick something fun to do. Finger paint, something crafty, maybe they can help you design a diaper. Or pick the colors. Make them feel like they made it.

I'm babbling.
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