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Re: Is your 1, 2 or 3 year old rear facing in the car?

Laura, I just was at babierus today and saw what you are talking about. It is worded very poorly, It means that babies that are 5-20lbs have to be rearfacing, but doesn't mean you have to turn them forward facing once they hit 20lbs. The ones I saw said something like use rearfacing only for 5-20lbs... It should say, children that are 5-20lbs can only use this seat rearfacing. We have talked about the strang wording issue on a few of my car seat boards, it gets very confusing when a parent is trying to read the directions... and the directions are worded in a way that isn't clear.
Love2Bmom_ That is awesome, thank you for telling her and I am so happy she has decided to listen... The good thing about babiesrus or toysrus is they allow you to try out the seat in your car.. So, hopefully you will be able to determine if it is a good fit or not. There are many good seats there. If you still need to rearface a baby and can't get a britax.. I like the triumph, or the scenara.. they both are fairly easy to adjust the harness on, and not as expensive as the alpha omega or eddie bauer seats. You might have to buy another higher weight or height harness seat later on because they have lower height limits. The only seats that have the higher limits are the britax, the forward facing combination seats, and the Apex (also only forward facing). I don't think babiesrus has the intera, but it looks promising.. I think you can get it at Target... anyway I am rambling. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck. Jen
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