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Re: Green & Thrifty...Making Your Own Detergent!

Originally Posted by mom2olivia1 View Post
personally i don't use pockets or aio's, but i would then think that my covers which are pul as well as procare (in some cases) shouldn't use this then....I want to be sure i am using ingredients that will be the most natural, green, yet be as clean as possible. I DO feel like I am in chemistry class for sure.

AAAHHHHHHH!!! Lol, this will be the third time I say it in htis thread. This recipe does not call for soap so your PUL will not get a residue buildup!

And also to everyone else. I have washed a few loads of regular laundry (including DH's "smell you from a mile away" work clothes) and it's great. His clothes especially smell SOOOO much better. He's a cook and seriously I want to puke when he walks in the door, lol. He smells like a rotten mop bucket

Also, we washed our first load of diapers in this, and they smell GREAT!!!!!!! We'll see if they reek after she pees in it but I'm super optimistic.
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