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Re: Green & Thrifty...Making Your Own Detergent!

Originally Posted by ChocolateMoose View Post
I found the first recipe online and tweaked it to make it more gentle, and then created the second recipe especially for cloth diapers!

I have been using both recipes for 2 months now with great success, so I thought I'd share them here!

Use amounts will vary depending on your water....I have a top loader and hard might require more or less to effectively clean!

Super Gentle Homemade Laundry Soap

1 cup Washing Soda
1 cup 20 Mule Team Borax
1 bar Kirks Castile Soap
I've tried this one a couple times before. Found it on a blog. I used Ivory soap instead though since I had it on hand but don't use it on my skin anymore. I shredded the soap in my food processor and then added the other ingredients and pulsed it all until it was well blended. I put it in a big jar and sprinkled some EOs and shook it up. It worked ok for us, but I was always unsure of how much to use. I have seen other recipes out there that call for more soap so maybe that would do better for us. I did use it on diapers and it was just ok. I think that so much has to do with your water situation. My other issue is that I wash everything execept dipes on cold and I found I had to predissolve it in really hot water first or it would leave powder on my clothes. I know there is a liquid recipe too, but I don't have anywhere safe to store it. So we are on to testing soap nuts now. LOL

It sure is fun (and cheap) to make your own laundry soap! I'll be watching this thread. Maybe I'll give it another shot later.
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