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Help everyone is telling me to stop BF my almost 4month old

AHHHHh! ok everyone is telling me to stop BF my almost 4month old Son....i am gonna list the reasons they are giving me......

hes old enough to take fourmula (are u kiddingme i dont care i dont want him to have it)
i need to have more time to spend wiht my other 2 kids..(umm again are u kiding me so i can wash bottles make bottles all that crap..)

its just not fair that i have to stop every 2 hours to feed him.....hello i would have to stop anywya to feed him

my mil said its not fair i am the only one that gets to feed him..(to bad he dont like bottels)

and lastly because my daughters try to BF there Babies......( awe i think tis cute..they are such great lil mamas)

ok i really really dont wanna stop BF him but i am getting fed up wiht all these ppl tellin me to stop......i guess i just need some pick me ups lol!

i BF my girls to.. my first i bf for almost 6months my second was 3months (my mil gave her fourmula wiht out my concent and once u got the bottle she wouldnt take my boob anymore and it go to be more ofa fight than anything trying to give her BM so i just gave her the stupid fourmula)

but this time i determed to BF at least 12months..... thanks for any adivice yall can give!

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