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Re: Help everyone is telling me to stop BF my almost 4month old

It's your MIL right? I'd have my DH tell her. I'd have him say something like, "Mom, we have decided that we are going to continue BFing our son. It's what we feel is best and what we want. If it changes, we'll let you know. Please stop bringing it up." Honestly my in-laws, if he told them, they'd be more likely to give it up because he is their son. Then, I'd just change the subject anytime they brought it up or leave the room/get off the phone. You are doing the right thing. None of their reasons make sense. I find I can tend to be a bit of a push over. As soon as it was about what is best for my child, I'm not easily pushed over anymore. I'm willing to stand up for my kids and what I think is best, even if I find ways to do it passively. You could pump and let people give EBM, but if you don't want to, then don't. It's your call.
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