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Re: Help everyone is telling me to stop BF my almost 4month old

I'm sorry you're getting so much flack for your great decision to BF your baby for a full year.

Now, if my MIL (or anyone, really) gave my baby a bottle against my wishes, she wouldn't be spending another second alone with them for quite a while. That is just so wrong, and I would be irate.

I agree with the others, it's time to be as blunt as you can be, that this is NOT her child, therefore it is NOT something she has any say in and she needs to leave it alone. I'd also tell her if she can't stop hassling you, she just won't be seeing much of you or the kids until she can quit with the comments. I have zero patience for that kind of behavior, personally.

I hope your DH is willing to back you up, since it's his mom...and again, kudos to you on having a great goal

ETA - the first time I read your post, I thought it was your MIL saying all those I guess I sound a little harsh. The giving a bottle without your consent thing is pretty crappy though...

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