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Re: Help everyone is telling me to stop BF my almost 4month old

There's a whole lot of reasons to keep of them being that it is healthier for your child! Your son can't talk yet, so you have to do the speaking for him...I know it's hard sometimes, especially with family members, but stick to your guns! :-)

My son breastfed until he was a year and a half. I would have continued, but he lost interest. My daughter is due in a couple weeks and I'll let her nurse as long as she wants to, too.

I had lots of family members objecting to it (mostly on his side), and I'm a quiet/shy person so I had a hard time with it,'s your child, and you should do what you want to do regarding the feedings, you're his mother. Your mother-in-law had her chance to raise her children. :-)

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