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Re: Is your 1, 2 or 3 year old rear facing in the car?

Originally Posted by lauraheartsherlittleone
Thanks, Jen. Back he goes then. What is the height on it or do you know that? We're about 7-8 lbs. off the weight limit.
As long as their is more then an inch of the back of the seat above his head, he is fine... He will outgrow it rearfacing when he is within one inch from the top, or at the rearfacing weight limit (30lbs).
good luck!

Lovetobemom, I have the marathon and love it, Racenzanes mom who is also a tech has the predisessor (I know I spelled that wrong) to the Decathalon called the wizard.. It has side impact protection and she really likes it. The roundabout is lower height and weight, but has the other cool britax features (seat belt lock-offs and rearfacing tether.) Your other plan is fine also though. I know you can try out seats at babiesrus, don't think you can at target (they are bolted down). Have fun car seat shopping. I went to babiesrus just to play with seats today.. I am such a dork LOL
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