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Re: ~$5 Meal Ideas~

wow tons of cheap ideas here love them all!
we love southern food of course so here are a few we make often

brown your hamburger drain most of the fat off but not all add water to it and pepper and salt to taste add macaronis into it and boil till done,,my kids love this meal and it is so easy!

when we have left overs form this meal we add taco seasoning and some cheese on top for the next night and voila taco hamburger helper but it tastes so much better!

add some onion soup mix to it and sour cream and you have stroganoff or as hubby calls it hobo stroganoff,,LOL

cut up pack of chicken some buttermilk(which can be made by adding al il vinegar tyo you milk in your fridge..or sometimes i use evaporated milk if i have extra cans) flour cornmeal salt n pepper,,,coat and fry the chicken

whip up a quick batch of buttermilk bisquits or corn bread to go with it.
and a veggie of your choice. in the sumemr it is what ever is fresh and ready to pick out the garden!

if you grow you own garden don't forget to can up your vaggies and fruits you want for winter i can can a quart of carrots for the price of about 15cents! which in the store would cost me prolly 3 pluis dollars to get the sddame amoutn of veggie out those lil cans!
if i do have to buy veggies at the store and need to use before they go bad i also can those up,,canned food lasts alot longer than anything in the fridge!
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